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Websites used in class

Learning Styles Assesssment (take second option)

NOTE:  This is a 20 question quiz that will tell you if you are an auditory (listening), visual (seeing), or tactile (touching/doing) learner.  After you receiver your results, this website will also give you suggestions on how to improve your study time and/or learning skills to get the most out of your classroom experiences.


Bookshare website

NOTE:  This is the website my English classes will be using for the literature units this year.  If a student is absent on a day in which we are reading, they are still responsible for logging into Bookshare and reading the assigned pages for that day.  Students can also search the Bookshare library.  If they find a book they would like to read for leasure, they can ask me to place that book in the Out Of Class section and they are encouraged to read often.


Remind App

NOTE:  Mrs. Phillips’ classes will use the Remind app to send messages to the students and/or parents.  See Ms. Phillips for your class code.