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Please remember that updates to this page will not be as frequent as they are on remind.  If you would like to join my remind class simply e-mail me or search within the app. For the last month of school, we will be covering geologic time and the classification of animals in science.

I know I have not updated this page for the school year.  I want to mention to anyone that is not routinely in the classroom, we use the Remind App now.  I send out all information to students (and parents that wish to sign up). If you have any questions about the app or the information shared within, please do not hesistate to contact me directly!

Please make sure you join the Pryor Biology class on quizlet so you can study with you wherever you have internet access!  To join is quick, easy, and free.  Here is the link:



This school year is looking to be fabulous and I am so excited to be teaching Biology again. Please stop back soon for more updates as I am able to upload more study tools and information to make your educational experience the best I possibly can.  Thanks!