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Computer Applications I

Why learn computing?


1) Basic knowledge is essential
Computers and the internet are present in almost everything we do and in most of the products and experiences we consume.

Therefore, knowing the basics of computing is essential, both for your personal and professional life.

That is, understanding the basic concepts of text editing (Word), spreadsheets (Excel) and digital presentations (Powerpoint), mastering Internet navigation and social networks, in addition to having a knowledge of digital security.

2) Keep up to date

If you are able to learn the basics of computers in the digital world, you will be able to adapt to the changing technology of computers and computer programs.

Every year, companies release new versions of programs, improve functionality and create new tools, but when you get to know the fundamental principles of computers you will be able to evolve with the changes.

Programs evolve every year.  In order to keep up with the changes it is essential to have basic knowledge of computing.

3) Refresh your memory

In addition to frequent updates, there are many programs that we stop using on a daily basis and forget about.

When filling out a resume, it even creates that doubt: do I still know?

Because of these factors, Computer classes in schools are indispensable.