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Delaina Higgins

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Classes offered this year include:

   Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) Basics


Month :  September

Chapter:    Personality and Relationships

Unit Targets:  To analyze the roles of positive relationships in society, family and personal life.

                               To analyze roles of communication and conflict resolution in building strong relationships.

                                To understand the elements and importance of healthy relationships.





Month :   September

 Chapter:   Developing Self understanding and Lifestyle Choices

Unit Targets:  Factors of Self Concept

                              Goal setting and Life goal planning

                              Define lifestyle, benefits of choosing a healthy lifestyle.

                              Ways to achieve a Positive attitude





Month :  September

 Chapter:   Housing Needs and Decisions   

Unit Targets:   Evaluate housing needs and concepts

                                Analyze the psychological impact of housing decisions

                                To identify the factors which influence personal housing decisions.

                                 To identify needs and priorities when considering available housing options.





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Delaina Higgins

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