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Supply List

Supply List

The following is a list of supplies any student enrolled in Mrs. Pryor's class will need. Please know that writing utensils are certainly intended to be used from class to class throughout the day. I am not asking you to buy just for my class.


1 Composition Notebook (for labs)

1 3-Prong Folder with pockets

1- 1 1/2” 3 Ring Binder (Special Note for A&P, you may want a larger binder)

1 package of coloring pencils

2 Grading Pens


Pencils- lots of pencils

*Pencil Pouch is highly suggested but not required*


Please remember that I am fully aware that these items can cost around ten dollars. Should there be any issue obtaining the items listed on this supply list, let me know ASAP and I will be more than happy to help in any way possible. I can be reached via email at or call and leave a message for me at  580-371-2322.