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I know I have not updated this page much for the school year.  I want to mention to anyone that is not routinely in the classroom, we use the Remind App now.  I send out all information to students (and parents that wish to sign up). If you have any questions about the app or the information shared within, please do not hesistate to contact me directly! As an added attempt to help out those students that may look at the webpage as I suggest frequently, BONUS point time!  All I ask is that you do not openly share with students across the classroom- bonus points are earned for each person on the basis of individuarl effort!  To earn 20 bonus points on your next quiz/test, you need to e-mail me a link to an article concerning nervous system studies (any area of the nervous system! Remember to use good sources!  Check for peer review and publication dates) @  Deadline for extra credit to be earned will be January 26, 2018 @ 12pm.


Just an update.  Students have worked their way through the review of Biology and have began their study of tissues.  We will continue on in our efforts this nine weeks and cover lots of information.  This is the point where A&P takes off.  Please make sure that you are reading and asking questions.  Do not forget about the remind app that you can always use!

The land of opportunity has arrived via this post.  Submit one article via science daily that relates to human emryological development by 05/08/2017. The catch is that you must CUS (Circle, Underline, & Star) the article before turning it in to the green folder.  I will not accept any articles after 3:15pm on Monday. 

For the record, all other extra credit was mistakingly erased by me.  I apologize as I prefer to keep an account of all extra credit offered to students.   

At the following link, you will be able to access an incredible amount of resource built to go with your textbook!  Please use this for your study needs!  Many assignments will be coming from this same page!

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year!  I sincerely hope that you are just as excited about this school year as I am. This particular webpage will be updated throughout the school year with resources and information meant to help guide you to be a better learner. If you find a really awesome resource and think it should be here, share it with me! For now, please feel free to use the links found within educational websites to get you started. I will be leaving all posts on this page from update to update. I do this because every once in a while, I will post extra credit opportunities here (I will always drop hints in class mulitple times to look here) and I want to make sure that I leave dates up to show when those opportunities are posted and when they expire so as to be fair to all!