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Mathematics of Finance Syllabus

Mathematics of Finance

Teacher: Crystal Gilbert


Planning Period: 9:35 – 10:35 A.M.     371-2322



Course Description: This course is designed to meet Oklahoma’s graduation requirement in mathematics.  The student will use visual and physical models along with technology to make valid inferences and decisions based on data in graphs, charts, and tables.



Suggested Supplies:  (Have by Monday August 21, 2017)


  • college rule notebook
  • pencils
  • red pen


Classroom procedures & rules:

            * Have all supplies for daily for class (notebook, pencil, pen)

            * Do not interrupt me while I’m teaching

            * Raise your hand if you have questions

            * Be in your seat when bell rings; I will dismiss class when the bell rings

            *Take care of your business between classes

            * TAKE NOTES!


Grading Scale:            A         90%-100%                              Tests             40%

                                    B         89%-80%                                Projects        40%

                                    C         79%-70%                                Homework   20%

                                    D         69%-60%                                Total           100%

                                    F          59%-0%


Homework/Project Policy:  Homework is due at the beginning of class, AFTER the student has had sufficient time to ask questions over the previous night’s work.  If not turned in at the beginning of the hour, it is considered a zero.  Late work is 10 points off per day.   Any homework, test, and project NEEDS TO BE IN PENCIL.  Student will grade with a red pen.  All homework assignments are allowed to be corrected. 


Make-up Policy:  All students are allowed to make-up work.  However many days the student is absent will be the number of days the student has to make up any missed assignments. Please let me know if there is a planned absence so that I can give assignments beforehand or check Wengage.  Make-up assignments by differ from the original.


Cheating Policy: No cheating is allowed.  Cheating, talking, or whatever the student is doing during a test, project, or assignment that leads the teacher to believe they are cheating will result in a zero.


Consequences: (in no particular order)

  • warning
  • notify parent
  • Principal


I look forward to having a successful year!


Crystal Gilbert



P.S.    If you will download the REMIND APP I will be able to notify you much quicker!


My class code is @9dah99


The app allows me to post to the entire class.  Your posts to me are private!  If you have any questions ABOUT THE LESSON, I can respond to that particular problem or I can respond to the entire class.  The app is designed for me to help you with you lessons and answer any questions you have about the class.  It is NOT for social interaction.



Please read and sign the following and return by Monday, August 21, 2017 for a score of “100.”  If not returned by date the score is a “0.”  I have read and understand Mrs. Gilbert’s policies for Math of Finance within this syllabus.



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