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Oklahoma Standards Activities

PBS Everything



PBS Drama Activities

Many different guided drama activities

Songs for Singing and Playing

Bare Necessities:

Three Little Birds:

In Summer:


Mairzy Doats:

Lonely Goatherd:

Do Re Mi:

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning:

Ain’t No Bugs:

Goin’ to the Zoo:

Sleeping Chickasaw Animals:

Wagon Wheel:

On the Road Again: Bluegrass Version:

 Country Roads Take Me Home: Lyrics:

Puff the Magic Dragon:

Colors of the Wind:

Hakuna Matata:

Circle of Life:

Be Our Guest Lyrics:

Arabian Nights:

Prince Ali:

Alice in Wonderland- A World of my Own:

Weezer- You Might Think...

Rogers & Hammerstein Songs

Oh! What a Beautiful Mornin’

Oklahoma! with Lyrics:

Lonely Goatherd Lyrics:

Body Percussion Video

Videos for easy body percussion.





Resources 2-DT-CR-1-1

Drama Resources

Creative Drama Ideas

Many great activities on drama in classroom.

Resources 4-M-CR-1-1-A

4th Grade Elements of Music

Resources 4-M-CN-1-5

4th Grade Music in Everyday Life

Resources 4-M-CN-1-4

4th Grade Musician Roles and Careers

Resources 4-M-CN-1-3

4th Grade Cultural Music

Resources 4-M-CN-1-2

4th Grade Song Genre

Resources 4-M-CN-1-1

Fourth Grade Sing and Perform

Resources 1-M-CR-1-1-A

First Grade Beat

Resources 1-M-CN-1-3

First Grade Listening Excercises

Resources 1-M-CN-1-2

First Grade Audience and song choice behavior

Resources 1-M-CN-1-1

First Grade General Music Lessons

Resources PK-M-CR-1-1-A

PreK Steady Beat Activities

Resources PK-M-CR-1-1-B

High/Low Resources for PreK

Resources PK-M-CR-1-1-C

Tempo for PreK

Resources PK-M-CR-1-1-D

Dynamics Lessons for PreK

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