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About Trey Hays


My name is Trey Hays and I teach Music at Tishomingo Elementary. In my 13 years of teaching, I have gained a lot of exciting new ways of making music. I play the ukulele, guitar, and spirit flute. I love seeing children have fun and let their playful spirits shine. I believe that music  builds confidence and increases learning in children, making it a vital part of our curriculum. As a music facilitator, I lead the music making experience while playing rhythmic games, telling stories, singing songs and helping others to create their own music in a relaxed non-competitive environment. The children certainly enjoy this and are learning new things about music in the process. I hope that your kids come home to you with wonderful feelings about Music Class.


About Me outside of school:

I have a wife, Lindsey, and 2 children. My oldest son, Quade is 16 years old and Jax is 7. We have one dog and 13 chickens. For hobbies, I enjoy golfing, playing music, playing with my sons, gardening, camping, and generally anything fun. I have a floor business on the side, with which I refinish and maintain tile flooring.