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I allow students to complete all failed homework assignments.  This is for the child's benefit and will also allow them a better chance to understand the material before a quiz or test.   If the student is not happy with their test grade they may approach me about setting a time to retake the test.  They have to do this within a week of the original test. They may take the test before school any morning or after school on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.  I will take the average of the old test and the new test.  I don't allow students to retake quizzes.

All students need will be a notebook for their math notes, a red pen, and pencils.  I suggest purchasing a TI-84 graphing calculator.  This calculator is allowed in all high school math courses and the ACT. 

Your child will have homework daily unless they take a test.  It is their responsibility to come in and get help if they are struggling. 

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