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 Mrs. Holliday's Newsletter  

May 2-5, 2022

This week in class-


The new lesson will begin on Monday  and conclude with our tests on Thursday.

Our story for Lesson 30 is Now and Ben (pages 520-539). On the back of the newsletter, you will find a reading study guide for the lesson including the spelling list and vocabulary words (also located on pages 515-516). Your child should read each night for at least 15 minutes. 





The spelling test will be on Thursday with a pretest on Wednesday.  All 16 words are on the test. There will be 2 bonus words given during the pretest (bonus words will be chosen from our phonics skill focus). Please, study the spelling words with your child.



This week in grammar, our target skill is Choosing between Adjectives and Adverbs  (pages 548-549 in the textbook). We will have a test on Thursday. 



We will be in Chapter 15: Identify and Partition Shapes. 


















































Monday:    Read: Now and Ben
Tuesday:    Read: Now and Ben    
Wednesday: No Homework
Thursday: No Homework 

Friday: No School



Upcoming Events:


May 5- MSC Fletcher Auditorium for Play

May 6- No School

May 9th-AR Rewards Picnic 

               @ Pennington Park

May 11-  Celebration  
               Assembly @ 9:15 am
              Super Kids Day(water day)

May 12- Award Assembly 
              2nd Grade @ 9:00 am 
         Last Day of School 








































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Upcoming Events

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Upcoming Events

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