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Young Adult Literature Syllabus


Young Adult Literature Syllabus

Tishomingo High School


Teacher:​ Mrs. Gena Waitman



Welcome to Young Adult Literature! I have a passion for reading and writing that I hope is contagious in my classroom. We will  be exploring some awesome literature this year, so get ready! The following information outlines what you can expect to see and do in my class this year. My hopes and prayers are that we get to stay in school all year, but no matter what happens, we will get through this together working hard and giving our best! It will be imperative that you keep up with online assignments if we move to distance learning. 



Teacher Handouts



Course Description:

 ​We will be learning about the multiple genres in literature, as well as how to recognize various literary elements in written works. We will also preface most of our reading material with a brief author study. We will read a variety of fiction and nonfiction works, and we will respond to those novels and short stories through interactive journals and a variety of activities. Strategies that can be applied to reading selections on the SAT or ACT are also taught. Writing assignments that are not completed in class will be homework. In order to prepare for the possibility of distance learning, many of the assignments will be incorporated into my Google Classroom.


What you will need everyday:

- A plastic pocket folder


-Pencils (several packs)

-Blue Pens


-Insertable clear page protectors (They usually come in a pack of 8-10)

-Composition Journal


Class Expectations:

1. Respect Others

2. Work Hard

3. Be Prepared


Behavior Policy:

Step 1: Verbal Warning

Step 2: Sign and Complete the Teacher/Student Behavior Contract (when needed)

Step 3: Principal

Step 4: Contact Parent

Note: Depending on the severity of the misconduct, the order of these consequences is

subject to change.


Grading Scale:

A 90% - 100% 

B 89% - 80% 

C 79% - 70% 

D 69% - 60%

F 59% - 0% 

Formal writing assignments and tests will count as two grades/weighted double compared to daily work, which is only counted once. You may view your child’s grade at: If you do not have a current password

for the online grade book, please contact the office. Ineligible lists will be generated on

Thursdays. Students listed will be ineligible for all extra-curricular activities until they have a

passing grade


Make-up Work Policy (Excused Absences Only):

Each student will be allowed the same number of days that they missed to make up any

work or tests missed as a result of an excused absence or school activity. It is the student’s

responsibility to ask for any missed work on the day they return.


Late Work Policy:

Students will receive a zero on any work that is not turned in by 3:25 on the day it is due. However, students will be given an opportunity to attend PRIDE to make up any daily work that is a zero.When they attend PRIDE they will have the opportunity to earn 80% of the original grade. Failure to attend PRIDE will result in a “0” and further discipline from the principal. 


Cheating and Plagiarism Policy:

Any student suspected of cheating will receive a zero on the assignment with no chance

to redo the assignment.

Plagiarism is the act of taking someone else’s work, mainly written works, and claiming it

as your own. It is the equivalent of cheating and will not be tolerated. Any assignment that is

plagiarized will receive a zero with no chance to redo the assignment.


Return this page for a grade.:


I have read and understand the attached/online syllabus. By signing this form, I agree to comply with the policies listed above and accept the syllabus for this class. This is my first homework assignment in Mrs.Waitman’s class. If the signature page is returned signed, I will receive a 100. If not returned, I will receive a 0 on my first assignment.


____________________________________________ ________________

Student Signature/ Date

____________________________________________ ________________

Parent Signature/ Date