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2023-2024 Supplies for Algebra 2 & Geometry



Courses: Algebra 2 & Geometry


  • CALCULATOR!!  Advanced mathematics courses have become very technologically dependent.  For this reason, I recommend that all students have their own graphing calculator..   The TI-84, TI-84 Plus, and TI-84 Plus CE are user-friendly and are on the accepted calculator list for both the ACT and SAT College Entrance Exams.  Order from Amazon or other online companies if you cannot find this calculator in a store. Do your homework (research) to get the best price!  If you prefer to not purchase a TI-84 Plus Calculator, look in the App store for your phone to download one.  Apple Store [1] or Google Play [2]
  • #2 PENCILS (mechanical or wooden….I have no preference) 
  • PEN(S) if you 
  • 3-4 pkg. Loose-leaf paper (possibly more if you write large; college ruled paper is best for math classes) – for notes, homework, quizzes and tests but only if paper is required
  • EITHER a 3 – ring binder (1” – 2”) OR spiral notebook for class notes.  (If you plan on keeping your graded papers, a binder is best.  For keeping the notes, a spiral is best.  If work is done in google classroom, then there wouldn’t be any graded papers to keep.)

Please be sure you have access to a ruler with both metric & customary units (cm & inches), a protractor for measuring and constructing angles, and a compass for constructing circles, arcs, and sectors.  These are not used ALL THE TIME, but when you need them, you need them. 

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