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Daily Schedule

1st Period         8th American History

2nd Period         8th American History

3rd Period          7th Geography

4th Period          7th Geography


5th Period          8th American History

6th Period          8th American History

7th Period          Planning Period





Liberty Bell                     The Alamo                          Abraham Lincoln



1st Period:               8:10-9:00            American History

2nd Period:              9:05-9:50           Planning Period

3rd Period:              9:55-10:40          American History

                                10:45-11:05          HELP

4th Period:              11:10-11:55            American History

                                11:55-12:40           LUNCH

5th Period:              12:45-1:30             Health

6th Period:               1:35-2:15               American History

7th Period:               2:20-3:00              Athletics


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