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About Cleta Phillips

Cleta Phillips

1984 Graduate of Tishomingo High School

BS - Computer Information Systems & Accounting from Southeastern Oklahoma State University

MS - Administrative Studies from Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Married to Jerold Phillips

Proud mother of Jeromy and Courtney Phillips

Twenty-eight years teaching experience

2016-2017 is my fourth year to teach at THS.

Teaching Certicifactions in:

Description Grade Level
Business Education 6-12
English 6-12
Mid-level English 5-8
Computer Science / Applications 6-12
Intermediate Mathematics 6-12
Mid-level Math for High School Credit 5-8
Marketing Education 6-12
Career Tech Business 6-12
Computer Science 6-12
Mild-Moderate Disabilities  
Library Media Specialist  


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5th hour - 11:20 to 12:05

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