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Curriculum Map Spanish V

Course: Spanish V                                          Month:AUGUST

State Standards (OAS)                                   Units or Chapters Covered:  Chapter 1

Unit Targets: Student will be able to Discuss fashion trends and fads.

                    Say what occurred in the past.(Preterite verbs)

                    Describe the past. (imperfect tense verbs)

                   Talk about the influence of fashion.

Assessments:  Vocabulary tests – spelling and definition

                       Speaking activities – comprehensive communication

                       Reading comprehension – Questions and answers

Unit questions:  Questions will pertain to topics within Chapter about fashion and art.

Materials required:  Textbook, binder, pencil, colored pencils 


                                                                       October 2019

Unit Targets:  Verb conjugation in the present and past

Talking about daily activites in the past.

Reviewing reflexive verbs in present and past.  

Describing people, places and things in past.

Assessments:  Vocabulary tests – spelling and definition

 Speaking activities – comprehensive communication

Reading cultural stories – answering questions in preterit tense (simple past)

Cultural actiities:  Day of the dead – Develop fluency in target language to discuss and describe day of the dead.

Traditional paper cutting project: calaveras

Talk about deceased family and friends.

Unit assessments:  Read story about Day of the Dead – test in the target language.


                                                                    November 2019

Unit Targets:  Trends and Story telling

Talk about society trends and how they changed.

Review preterite tense verbs.

Story telling.

Assessments: Vocabulary test, Essay telling a story based on comic strip.

Questions:  What happened in the story?  Who were the characters?  What was the conclusion?

Supplies: Conexiones textbook, Computer




Unit Targets: Automobiles

Story telling 

Write stories about inventions and automobiles

Give directions 

Name car parts and talk about vehicles

Conversation using  present, past and imperfect tense.

Conversation using present perfect tense

Assessments:  Vocabulary test, Write letter to Santa 

Questions:  What are the major parts of a vehicle?  How do I get from one point to another?

Supplies:  Conexiones textbook, Spanish Binder.