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Curriculum Map Spanish III

Course: Spanish III/IV                                     Month: AUGUST

State Standards(OAS):                                   Units or Chapters Covered: Para empezar (to begin)/ Chapter 1

Unit Targets:  Student will be able to describe day before and after school.

                    Talk about school and non-school daily activities.

                    Describe special events and celebrations.

                    Identify and conjugate present tense verbs.

Assessments: Vocabulary tests – Spelling and definition

                      Speaking activities within groups – comprehensible conversation and pronunciation

                      Writing assignments.

Unit questions:  Questions will pertain to daily activities and special events.


Materials required: Textbook, Spanish binder, pencil, paper, poster board and colored pencils.

Assignments subject to change based on student comprehension and progress.



Unit Targets:  Using reflexive verbs in present and past tense.

Talk about preparing for the day using reflexive verbs.

Talk about activities at school that happened to oneself in the past tense.

Describe events of daily activities that happen to self.

Assessments:  Speaking activities.  Writing activities. Writing stories to describe situations.

Unit questions:  What mood did you wake up in this morning?  How do you prepare to go to special events?,

Materials Required:  Textbook, Tissue Paper, Poster paper




Unit Targets:  Movies and TV shows

Learn vocabulary about movies, characters and roles to discuss various genres of movies

Talk about a movie and what it is about.

Discuss leading roles in movies.

Discuss movie situations.

Assessments:  Vocabulary tests – spelling and definition, Speaking actiities;

Special project: Illustration and description of a favorite movie scene.

Unit questions:What is your favorite movie?  Who are the characters?  Who play the leading roles?  Describe the movie?

Materials Required:  Textbook


Chapter 6B – What movies have you seen?

Unit Targets:  Present perfect verbs

                      Verbs that use indirect object pronouns

Discuss movies using past tense verbs.

Assessments:  Writing assignment to critic movie, speaking activities, Vocabulary test

Unit questions:  Why did you like the movie?  How did you feel after watching the movie?  Who were the actors and characters?  How would you review the movie?

Materials required:  Textbook, verb charts for writing, color pencils



Chapter 1 – Como te expresas?

Unit Targets:  Talk about the arts

                      Use of preterite and imperfect tense verbs

Objectives:  Give opinion about art work. 

                   Relate the arts to your own experiences

                   Express your emotions regarding the art.

                   Discuss some important artists of the Spanish speaking world. 

Assessments:  Vocabulary tests, reading comprehension, speaking activities, writing

Unit questions?   Que tipo de arte es?  Que representa el arte?  Como se expresa el artista?

Materials:  Textbook, Spanish binder