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Lesson 27: The Foot Race Across America




Reading State Testing Week




Lesson 25: Surviving on Mt. Everest



Lesson 24: Dog-of-the-Sea Waves




Lesson 23: The Journey of Oliver K. Woodman




Lesson 22: Animal Migration




PT Conference Week: Boy Were We Wrong About Dinosaurs




Poetry and Dr. Seuss Week




Lesson 21: Sarah, Plain and Tall



Lesson 20: Life on the Ice




Lesson 19: Two Bear Cubs Review Week






Lesson 19: Two Bear Cubs


Lesson 18: A Tree is Growing




Lesson 17: Albertosaurus Mystery

Lesson 16: Judy Moody Saves the World




Lesson 15: The Extra-Good Sunday




Christmas Week




Week 14: Aero and Officer Mike




Week 13: Yonder Mountain




Week 12: Tops and Bottoms




Week 11: Technology Wins the Game




Week 10: Young Thomas Edison




Week 9 Kamishibai Man




Week 8: Harvest Birds




Fall Break Week




Week 7: What Do Illustrators Do?



Week 6 Bat Loves the Night




Week 5: Roberto Clemente




Week 4: Pop's Bridge




Week 3: Destiny's Gift




Week 2: Trial of Cardigan Jones




Week 1: A Fine, Fine School




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