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Advanced Writing Syllabus


Advanced Writing Syllabus

Tishomingo High School



Teacher:  Mrs. Nikki Northcutt                 


     Welcome to Advanced Writing!  I am excited about this school year and know that together we can make this a great year.  The following outlines what you can expect to see and do in my class.


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Course Description

     This course will focus on developing each student’s writing skills and helping them become more comfortable with different forms of writing.  We will cover elements of English (grammar, mechanics, spelling, vocabulary, sentence structure) and writing (planning, drafting, editing, paragraph structure, paragraph transitioning).  We will learn how to write different types of essays such as narrative, argument, persuasive, and expository papers. We will also be writing book reviews and a research paper.  Students will have the opportunity to write informally on a daily basis through journal writing and collaborative writing.

What you will need everyday

  • A three ring binder (2 inch or larger)
  • Paper
  • Pencils/Pens (Black or Blue)/Erasers
  • Flash drive

Class Expectations

1.  Respect Others

2.  Work Hard

3.  Be Prepared

Behavior Policy

Step 1: Verb Warning

Step 2:  Principal

Step 3:  Notify Parent

Note:  Depending on the severity of the misconduct, the order of these consequences is subject to change.

Classroom Procedures

     The following specific procedures will help our classroom run smoothly.  I have listed several of our routines and procedures below.  We will create others as the year progresses. 

Each class will begin with an independent activity to help you focus on the lesson of the day.  These activities will be listed on the board when you arrive and should be completed in your journal.  Make every effort to arrive early and begin the activity.  You must be in your seat and working independently when the bell rings to begin class.  You will be given five minutes to complete the activity.

  • Enter the room quietly to show respect for those who are already working.
  • Complete the activity as directed.
  • If the activity of the day is a journal entry, you are expected to write no fewer than 100 words.  Respond to the topic.  If you run out of things to write about the topic, then you may write freely.  Remember to make the things you write appropriate to a public, academic situation.  Because I am a public school teacher, it is my responsibility to report illegal activities.
  • Each activity is worth twenty points.  I will enter a grade every week or every five activities.  When you are absent, you are expected to free write in a journal for each day that you missed.  This must be completed before the end of the next grading cycle.


     My grading will be done on a simple point system.  If I deem an assignment/test/project as more valuable then it will have more points attached to it.  If an assignment/participation/responsibility is less valuable (but still worthy of completing) then it will have fewer points attached to it.  The student’s average will be calculated off of how many points they earn out of the number of points possible.   You may view your child’s grade at:  If you do not have a current password for the online grade book, please contact Mrs. Cabaniss or Mrs. Hendricks.  Ineligible lists will be generated on Thursdays.  Students listed will be ineligible for all extra-curricular activities until they have a passing grade.

A= 90-100%               B= 80-89%

C= 70-79%                 D= 60-69%

F= 0-59%


     Homework is due the following day at the beginning of the hour unless otherwise specified.  Homework and objectives for each week will be posted on the board in the classroom.

Make-up Work Policy (Excused Absences Only)

     Each student will be allowed the same number of days that they missed to make up any work or tests missed as a result of an excused absence or school activity.  It is the student’s responsibility to ask for any missed work on the day they return.

Late Work Policy

     If completed homework is not turned in the day that it is due, the student may turn it in the next day, but 10%  will be subtracted from the grade.  For work turned in 2 days late, 20%  will be subtracted from the grade.  NO work will be accepted 3 days late.  A grade of “0” will be recorded. 

Cheating and Plagiarism Policy

     Any student suspected of cheating will receive a zero on the assignment with no chance to redo the assignment. 

     Plagiarism is the act of taking someone else’s work, mainly written works, and claiming it as your own.  It is the equivalent of cheating and will not be tolerated.  Any assignment that is plagiarized will receive a zero with no chance to redo the assignment.




“Start writing, no matter what.  The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.”

-Louis L’Amour







I have read and understand the attached syllabus.  By signing this form, I agree to comply with the policies listed and accept the syllabus for this class.


This is my first homework assignment in Mrs. Northcutt’s class.  If signature page is returned signed, I will receive a 100.  If not returned, I will receive a 0 on my first assignment.


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